Texas Moving Rights

In the great state of Texas, each of our customers are entitled to certain rights when it comes to moving. We make sure our customers are informed by providing standard documents that you should receive on every move. Regardless of company you choose, these documents must be provided as per state law. Check out the documents below to get more familiarized with your Texas Moving Rights.


  • All moving companies in Texas, including small operations with vans, must have an active motor carrier license.
  • Check your moving company's credentials through the Texas DMV at TxDMV - Texas Truck Stop.
  • All licensed movers have a standard liability for items, but they may also sell you more protective coverage, as per your agreement.
  • Make sure to file any claims with your mover during the first 90 days post-move. The mover then has 20 days to respond and 90 days to pay, settle, or dispute.
  • If you and your mover cannot reach an agreement, contact the DMV for mediation or to file a complaint.